Disclosure and Privacy

Body worn camera videos tell a story. However, transparency must be tempered by personal privacy needs.

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Human Judgement Prevails

Based on your guidelines our redactors interpret and point the way. The software automates the rest.

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Extension of Digital TraQ

Our Redaction Center builds on a quarter century of evidence management and a decade of managing digital media.

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Why Choose Us?

Our software ReDaQ is the product of a year’s development and allows for frame clipping, segment extraction, voice distortion, synchronized multi-camera incident display, and a John Madden-like telestrator.
As a software development company, QueTel’s engineers are continually adding capabilities to simplify use and enhance the results our redactors produce.
Founded in 1982, QueTel’s mantra is to be the technology leader in automating the back office operations of law enforcement—evidence (physical and digital), forensic request processing (LIMS), impounded vehicles, quartermaster, and training/certification.
We will sign a mutual agreement to indicate that our software, staff, and facilities can undergo a CJIS audit.
Our management control system is built on the same model of intake, assignment, review, and publication as our Lab TraQ system.

We offer more possibilities to meet your every need

For a quarter of a century QueTel has served law enforcement with innovative software solutions for evidence management—collecting, assembling, processing, and presenting, including physical evidence tracking and digital evidence management—and quartermaster inventory.